Every girl dreams to transform into a beautiful bride since her childhood and every parent cherishes this day since the moment she opens her eyes into this world. We as photographers take the privilege to capture these priceless moments with our cameras for families to remember them for a lifetime.

We have always believed that a best photograph is the one which captures the soul and spirit of the moment and my efforts are always to concentrate my craft in this direction. Photography is our life and we treasure it deeply. The rush of looking at people’s satisfied and excited expressions when they look at their photographs is the highest award we can get.

Our genre is a fine balance between Vintage and Contemporary art. Along with capturing beautiful images of your wedding day, we also weave our own magic in narrating your story. We hope our artistic vision and your personal style will make your dream wedding come true.

Looking forward to be a part of the most special day of your life.



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"Our hardworking and very talented team of professionals is all determined to give you the best memories that you will cherish forever"

How many members will be there in the team to cover the shoot?

Team strength basically depends on which package you have hired. If you hired premium candid photography package, team will consist of one candid photographer, one traditional photographer, and one full HD videographer. Cinematic Highlight and Pre-wedding video teams consist of 2 cinematographers. Pre-wedding shoots have 1-2 photographers depending on the scale. Of course you can hire an extra artist if you feel the need. Also, we might suggest you to hire extra technicians if we feel after discussions with you that the scale of your wedding is big and will require a bigger team. Following are the rates of various technicians.
Candid Photographer - Rs. 15,000 per day
Traditional Photographer - Rs. 5000 per day
Traditional full HD Videographer - Rs. 5000 per day
Cinematographer - Rs. 15,000 per day

What deliverables are included in package ?

Candid photography package includes all the raw photo data, 100 best edited pics, edited full wedding video, and a 50-sheet premium album which contains approx 300 photographs. All 300 photographs selected for album will be edited and color-corrected before album designing.

Cinematic Highlight package includes a 10 minute wedding highlight and a trailer.
Pre-wedding package includes all raw data and minimum 50 edited photographs.
Pre-wedding cinematic video includes 3-5 minute video shot in a movie-like fashion.

Where are you based at ?

We operate from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Do you cover weddings outside Bhopal?

Yes, of course, we travel all over India.

How many sheets are there in the wedding album ?

Our package includes an album of 50 sheets which contains approx 300 photographs but you can increase the number of sheets if you feel you want to select more photographs. Cost of extra sheet - Rs. 300 per sheet

Are there any other hidden costs apart from package ?

Not at all. Our packages are final prices. Only other costs include travel, accommodation, and food in case of weddings outside Bhopal which can be arranged by client or we can also arrange after 100% payment of travel and accommodation charges.

What kind of music you use in the wedding videos and cinematic wedding highlight?

We use contemporary Hindi movie songs, Indian instrumental music, English instrumental and songs, etc. Also, we would love to know your taste in music so that we can deliver videos according to your liking. Also, in case of wedding highlights and trailer, and pre-wedding cinematic video, you can definitely suggest your favorite songs.

Do you record interviews or bytes of family members for wedding highlight video ?

Yes, its indeed a special part of all wedding highlights and we do that...preferably on first day of shoot as there is ample amount of time on first day. We would love our clients to open about their past and their bonding. Sometimes, we do provide a questionnaire so that you can prepare your answers or you get an idea about what has to be included in the audio bytes.

How many photographs do you deliver after wedding shoot.

Its hard to answer this question as we never know how much we will get to shoot. But...on an average a typical 2-3 day wedding has about 2500 to 3500 shots which we will give to you in JPEG format along with some edited photographs so that you get to know how your edited photographs will look like in the album.

Do you also give raw video files ?

Raw video files are sometimes seconds or minutes of clips and they are hundreds in number which only make sense when they are properly edited and joined to form a complete video. So, we dont generally give it to clients. But if you really insist on having RAW video files, you can have them by giving us an external hard drive.

What would be the delivery time for photos and videos?

First of all, we would like to assure you that whatever time we take to deliver you photos and videos, its all because creativity needs time and patience. Every minute of our time working on a project is dedicated to produce best results for our clients. Its again hard to give exact time for deliverables as it depends of scale of project and our schedule. Approx timings for deliveries is as follows
Photos RAW and 100 Edited - 15 days
Edited full HD Wedding Video - 45 days
Cinematic Wedding Highlight - 45 days
Delivery of album after selection of pics - 30-45 days
Pre-Wedding Photos, RAW and 50 edited - 7-10 days
Pre-Wedding Cinematic Video - 15-20 days

Do we get to suggest changes before final delivery of albums and videos ?

In case of albums, we will send you album designs for you to have a look at it. If you need some changes, we’ll be more than happy to do that for you. Do keep in mind that you will have to suggest changes within 7 days. If you dont suggest changes in next 7 days, we will consider that you are okay with the designs and album will go for printing. We allow only one round of changes / re-edits. So after you suggest changes for the first time, album goes for printing automatically.
In case of wedding highlights or pre-wedding cinematic videos, we will show you a low resolution copy of video. Here also you can suggest changes, but only once. After we are done with the changes you suggest, we will give you a high resolution copy of the final video.
We dont allow any changes in regular full HD 2-3 hour wedding video.

How will I receive raw photos and final videos ?

You can give us a pendrive or external hard drive to receive all the photographs. Final videos are given in DVDs or pendrive with a stylish customized box.

Do we get full resolution of videos in DVDs ?

DVDs are going out of fashion these days, important reason being the quality of video degrades while writing it on DVDs. We shoot full wedding videos in 2K format these days and wedding highlights in 4K format (twice the quality of full HD), but you have to degrade videos to half HD format to fit them into a DVD. You can collect full resolution video in a pendrive or external hard drive.

your package include the cost of helicams / drones or cranes ?

We wish we could include the cost of helicams in all our packages because the shots we take through helicams are gorgeous and we would like to have them in all our videos, but we have left this decision on our clients whether they want helicam or crane shots or not. Following are the costs
Helicam - 15,000 per day (it consists of 3 flights of 10-12 minute each)
Cranes - 15,000 per day (it consists of 6-7 hours of shoot)

Do you provide dresses, makeup and props for pre-wedding shoots?

For dresses, we take a sitting with the couple or discuss on call about the dresses they are comfortable with and the kind of dresses and colors we want. Couple then can purchase the dresses according their comfort and size.
Yes we can provide makeup with an additional cost of Rs. 2500 per 2-3 hours.
We do have a lot of props, but since we rarely would want to repeat our shots as we try our best to give clients novelty, it is not practical for us to keep buying props that we may never use. So, we discuss with clients about the shots and then clients can buy the props for the shoot and then keep it as a memory of all the fun they had during the shoot.

First day or First two days of wedding, we need you only for few hours and not full day, can we get some discount ?

As a rule we dedicate the entire day to a single client. We dont want any distractions as it requires lot of thinking to shoot a wedding beautifully. Also, many a times it happens that some ceremony or event happens earlier than the scheduled time, so in such cases we would want to be present at your venue to cover it. We dont want to miss out on any of your ceremonies so we book the entire day for you.

Which camera or other equipments you use ?

We use and we will use whatever it takes to produce best results for you...full frame cameras, fast lenses, various photo and video lights...we use everything. At the same time, we know its the brain of an artist which produces the photographs...and not the equipments and we have some very talented bunch of artists with us.

What is your payment schedule?

have divided payments into 3 simple steps for benefit of our clients. It is as follows : • Booking amount – 50% of total package - Without this your booking is not guaranteed • Second Payment - 50% of total package - on delivery of RAW photos

How can I pay you?

We have divided payments into 3 simple steps for benefit of our clients. It is as follows:
Booking amount – 20% of total package - Without this your booking is not guaranteed.
Second Payment - 60% of total package - on first day of shoot.
Last Payment - 20% of total package - on delivery of album and video. You can pay us by cash, cheques or net transfer.
In case of cheques, date of payment is considered the day we receive the payment in our account. Deliverables are handed over to our clients only after receiving payments. Cheques should be made in the name of "Kshitij Mathur"
Details for net transfer are as follows. Bank - ICICI Branch - M. P. Nagar, Bhopal Name - Kshitij Mathur Acc No. - 005501033392 IFSC code - ICIC0000055

Who owns the copyright on images?

As artist and creators, only we retain the copyright on all our images, but be assured that we will never sell any creative work done for your project, be it images or videos.

Will you use our photographs or videos on social media platforms?

Yes of course we will use them on social platforms as we are proud of any creative work done by us, and we would definitely be sharing it with others. Also, sharing our work online is one of the important means of marketing for us as today everything is online and most of our clients find us on social platforms. In case, you insist that you don't want us to share any work online, there is a fees of 20% of total package that needs to be paid by you.

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